'Looper' transportation possibilities

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The Hyperloop, in theory, is a form of ground transportation, also called "electromagnetic acceleration," that can get you to a destination 300 miles away in about a half-hour ("Frisco to LA in 30 Minutes? Billionaire Elon Musk Unveils Plan for 700 MPH 'Hyperloop,' " Aug. 13).

The Hyperloop has yet to extend beyond the discussion stage, but there could very well come a day when you can get from Pittsburgh to New York City before you finish reading your morning Post-Gazette and downing your first cup of coffee.

That is, if your comfort level isn't obliterated after being strapped into a metal tube and being launched at a speed that approaches the speed of sound.

In "National Lampoon's Vacation," Clark Griswold admonished his family for wanting to fly to Wally World, saying that getting there is half the fun.

But what would Clark say about looping? I guess that's what it would be called, for short. "Honey, what do you say we loop to Miami for the weekend? We have plenty of frequent looper miles. Don't worry; Aunt Edna will stay on the roof. Or not."

If the Hyperloop is ever developed to go underwater, a trip to Hawaii can be packaged as "The Hula Hooper Super Looper Express."

There sure are a lot of possibilities, but I don't know if I'd ride on the Hyperloop. If I'm going to be inside of something that breaks the speed of sound, it will be in the air when it does it. If God wanted us to shatter the sound barrier down here, he wouldn't have given us the airplane.




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