City parking kiosks

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I am stymied about the operation of the parking kiosks throughout our city. I use them at least five times a week, mostly in the Downtown area.

I wonder why there is no slot to pay with paper bills. Almost all parking garages I have ever been in accept bills in their machines. Also, in other major cities such as Toronto and New York, the street kiosks provide bill slots. As it should be.

Instead, I am forced to purchase rolls of quarters to carry around with me to feed the kiosks. In addition, to add insult to injury, if you use a credit card, you can only pay in dollar increments. So, for instance, if you need an hour and 15 minutes of parking time (cost, $1.25) you must buy two hours on your card costing $2, which is 75 cents more than you require. I know this sounds very petty, but it is more about the notion that our city officials think nothing about residents' struggle to pay higher and higher transportation costs, whether it be bus fares or parking rates.

I guess I need to get a job in some city or county office, which may provide me with free or reduced parking.




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