Pedestrian safety is jeopardized by unsafe cycling

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In Mike Wagner's Aug. 6 letter ("Safety for Cyclists") he asks that Pittsburgh City Council work to strengthen the civil and criminal code to deter behaviors that threaten the safety of cyclists. I am all for this. However, I would like to know what is being done to ensure the safety of pedestrians as bicyclists ride on the sidewalks of Downtown.

I invite anyone to stand near the intersection of Smithfield Street and Fort Pitt Boulevard to see how many cyclists are riding on the sidewalks and weaving their way around pedestrians. Some of them ride through groups of people waiting at bus stops. Most bicyclists do not even look left or right when approaching the areas where sidewalks intersect and have no concern for anyone walking toward that area.

Aren't bicyclists to follow the Pennsylvania vehicular rules and regulations? If they are, why aren't they being cited for riding on Pittsburgh's sidewalks? Maybe Pittsburgh City Council should address this, too.

Safety should be a concern not only for motorists and bicyclists but also for pedestrians.




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