Delicious raw milk

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Many consider raw milk unsafe for human consumption, but our ancestors drank raw milk for thousands of years. Pasteurization is a fairly recent development, necessitated by unsanitary conditions in the early dairy industry.

Today, modern dairies are clean and hygienic, but pasteurization is still practiced as a precaution. Why, then, would anyone want to drink raw milk?

It's because raw milk is absolutely delicious. A survey in Hoard's Dairyman found that 60 percent of commercial dairy farmers drink raw milk at home, because the taste is superior to processed milk ("Real Food" by Nina Planck, page 77). It's healthier, too. Raw milk from pastured, grass-fed cows is high in healthy omega-3 fats as well as enzymes and immunity-boosting probiotics that are killed by pasteurization.

An Aug. 6 Post-Gazette article warned that raw milk purchased under the Family Cow label could possibly be contaminated. I've bought healthy, delicious milk from Family Cow for over a year and have had no issues with it. In fact, it stays fresher longer than store-bought milk. I hope that it will be able to get back to selling the milk soon.




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