Consider this curious aspect of voter ID champions

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Regarding the decision of North Carolina to join the increasing number of states, including Pennsylvania, in enacting laws that would require showing photo identification in order to vote:

Perhaps I'm a bit thick, but someday someone is really going to have to explain to me how requiring a photo ID in order to vote has anything whatsoever to do with needing one to drive a car, board a plane, purchase over-the-counter medication or cash a check.

I was under the impression that doing one of the things above was a right and the others were privileges.

But OK, assuming that this is not the case, I do find it to be very curious that many of those who most strenuously advocate placing roadblocks in front of the right to vote also seem to be the most adamant in arguing that placing any roadblocks to that other right, purchasing a semi-automatic rifle or high-capacity magazine without first undergoing a background check, is unthinkable.

Again, it is just my impression, but I believe that we have ample evidence as to the destruction that can be wrought by one of these unrestricted rights, but none has, as of yet, been offered as to the other.

Very curious indeed.

White Oak



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