Christian lip service

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According to Christian belief, after God created heaven and Earth, he gave stewardship of them to "man." God told "man" to care for planet Earth -- to preserve and nurture it. Have we done that here, in the United States, which lots of letters to the Post-Gazette have said is a "Christian nation"? The evidence says "no," which indicates that we are not -- as many claim -- "a Christian nation."

Over the past three centuries, we have robbed our continent of its natural resources. We have poisoned our soil and water and air. We created "dead zones" (in which no life can exist) in the oceans. We overfished the oceans. We overpopulated the United States by more than 1 million people. Scientists warn that if we don't change our ways we have only about 150 to 250 years before extinction. An even more pessimistic prediction appeared in the Aug. 11 Post-Gazette ("Saving the Nation's Green Giants"): "We have 50 to 75 years. At that time it will be questionable whether humans can live on this planet," said David Milarch, co-founder of Archangel Ancient Tree Archive.

Of course, as is inevitable, claims such as these will be followed with protestations that "it isn't happening" and "we don't have to worry; God will provide," which must be pretty much what the neighbors told Noah when he was building that silly boat.

It's time we stopped paying lip service to God and started doing what he wants, which is what a Christian nation would do.




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