Absentee problems

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Tom Bills got the facts correct in his Aug. 9 letter ("Real Voter Fraud"). Trouble is that he supports a solution that does not fix the problem he referred to. There are rare, very rare, cases of people appearing at the polls claiming to be other than who they are. The Pennsylvania Legislature has zero cases of such.

The Cincinnati conviction happened as a result of absentee ballot fraud. The poll worker used her knowledge of the system to vote in person, and by absentee ballot, plus cast absentee votes for relatives. Please, Mr. Bills, tell me how the Pennsylvania law will fix that problem. Do you think I or my brother will show up at your polling place and try to claim your vote? What happens if you have already voted? Trying to game the system by in-person fraud is about as dumb as one can get.

If you review all the voting fraud cases (true fraud like voting more than once), they all are either by absentee ballot or poll workers stuffing the ballot box. Voter ID fixes none of those.

We are going to a huge expense to fix a nonexistent problem. Let's spend our money more wisely and fix the absentee ballot problems.




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