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This Muslim-American found Mike Huckabee's recent comment against Islam both offensive and just plain wrong. On his Fox News talk show recently, he said (along with a few other choice words) that, "[Islam] promotes the most murderous mayhem on the planet." It was an apparent attempt to denounce al-Qaida, a group I equally oppose.

But Mr. Huckabee went further by conveniently including in his attacks the faith of a billion-plus Muslims, the overwhelming majority of whom teach good citizenship and harmony. Mr. Huckabee should know that because my Muslim faith tells me to be loyal to my country, I too strongly condemn any threat to U.S. lives or property by any group -- period. What's more, we just concluded the month of Ramadan, which was an exercise of fasting in order to relate to the poor, to intensify alms-giving and to reconnect spiritually -- not to cause mayhem.

Rather than simply accepting blanket statements that damn an entire religion, I encourage fellow citizens to read firsthand about Islam (www.alislam.org) or visit a local mosque (www.ahmadiyya.us). That would be the right thing to do.

Indiana Township
The writer is a member of the Muslim Writers Guild of America (www.muslimwriters.org).



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