Trash disrespect and turn to recycling

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Recently, I was out for my morning walk and coincidentally it was trash pickup day. The trash had yet to be picked up in the neighborhood in which I was walking. I was astounded not only by the sheer number of trash cans per house (plus yard bags, which take a thousand years to decompose), but more alarmingly, items that clearly could have been: a) recycled, or b) donated. I can't fathom what a single family could possibly have to throw out in one mere week that can fill four trash cans.

My husband and I are no angels, but I do try to be socially conscious of what I can and cannot recycle. I am aware of Giant Eagle's recycling bins where plastic is collected. I am also aware of more than one cardboard recycling dumpster. Even our township will take cardboard if one makes the effort to break it down.

Both St. Vincent de Paul and the veterans will come to your house to collect your unwanted goods. Both also have drop-off spots.

This also shows disrespect for the garbage handlers. Just because you don't see them take your mounds of trash doesn't mean they don't exist. I don't have children and I should not be as concerned about leaving a clean Earth since I have no dependents. What about the people who do have dependents -- are they concerned?

Please, have some respect for the planet and the garbage handlers.




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