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While visiting a friend in Erie, Pa., I went to one of the Pennsylvania Wine and Spirits state stores, hoping to buy some local wines. In addition to buying several bottles from local wineries, I looked around the store to see what else it had and compare prices to wine sold in my state, West Virginia.

I have read many pro and con opinions about privatization of the state stores in Pennsylvania and always assumed that the prices there were much higher and the selection much lower than the stores where I buy my wine, such as CVS, Kroger or convenience stores. I was very surprised to find that this Erie state store had a much larger selection of wines than I have ever seen locally, and that includes specialty wine shops, which sell only wine.

In checking prices on the brands and types of wines that I buy, I found the prices to be the same, or lower than what I pay locally in West Virginia.

I have no opinion one way or the other about privatizing the state stores in Pennsylvania but wanted to share what I found in comparing them to my choices of wine in a state where wine is readily available in many different types of stores.

Wheeling, W.Va.



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