Wake up to race

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Isn't it true that when the country goes to war, we support the troops whether or not we have a son, daughter, spouse or close friend on active duty? And when the economy goes up or down, we either invest or save and express concern for the inflation affecting our hard-earned dollars whether we are rich, poor, or somewhere in between? But why is it that when the issue of race is first and foremost in the news, those without "color" to their skin seem to bury their heads in the sand?

Wake up people! Race is not an issue limited to those individuals labeled as "non-Caucasian" it is an American issue. As a Caucasian woman, I am both embarrassed and ashamed to admit the paucity of friends, family members, colleagues and acquaintances within my racial category who have never even heard of the term "white privilege" let alone considered how it benefits them and affects the very issues that have been in the news the past several weeks.

We all need to consider our individual roles in racial relations in America. It is our civil duty to examine how we not only impact our local communities, but how we affect the country we share as Americans.

Penn Hills



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