Bicyclists need to use common sense to assure safety for all

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I read the letters debating the pros and cons of bicycling in our city and am amazed that no one ever points out the obvious. The new bike law has created a danger to motorists. Yes, to motorists. Cyclists need to use common sense where they choose to ride.

Last week, I crossed Route 8, descending the steep and winding Wildwood Road, fortunately observing the speed limit. I came around a blind curve and a cyclist was suddenly only feet away from me in the middle of the road. Two vehicles were directly across from me in the opposite lane. I had no choice but to slam on my brakes. Had a car been behind me, I would have been creamed. Would the biker have been responsible for my rear-end collision? Nope. He would have pedaled along his merry way.

Cyclists themselves need to take responsibility for their safety. It is not the motorist's obligation. It's a tough enough challenge for automobile drivers to stay alive on the roadways with fellow motorists speeding, texting, chatting on cell phones and running red lights. We don't need thoughtless bikers adding to the peril.

This 4-foot law is the most insane legislation Pennsylvania ever enacted. It has created danger, mayhem and animosity.

And, to that cyclist who rides on treacherous Route 8: Consider getting your head examined.

West Deer



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