Metcalfe's integrity

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Recently, there have been some vicious and baseless attacks on state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe due to his support of traditional marriage and his opposition of gay marriage. These attacks appear to be politically motivated and come from those who would slander a decent man of conservative principles because he is blocking their radical left-wing agenda. This is a perfect example of how liberals try to silence their opponents instead of honestly debating the issues.

Rep. Metcalfe is a man of character and integrity who courageously fights for the American taxpayer as well as for the constitutional rights of Americans, which includes protection of Second Amendment freedoms. He has followed through with his promises and can be counted on by the voters to do what is right for not only the state but also its citizens.

Rep. Metcalfe is simply supporting the true definition of marriage, which is the will of the majority of the voters and the current law of Pennsylvania. Democrats have resorted to using baseless attacks and intimidation to destroy his good reputation.

Please support Rep. Daryl Metcalfe because he is a man we can all count on to stand up for our cherished values and rights!




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