Walk in the shoes of those who face bigotry

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Wow, it is amazing the things people say. Letter writer Carol J. Czapik seems to think that the president and some in the media are fueling bigotry by expressing their feelings ("Fueling Bigotry," July 24). We are just expressing our frustrations over years of more of the same.

I feel for the white young man who was attacked and beaten on the streets, but again we (African-Americans) have been experiencing the same for years. Ms. Czapik needs to walk a mile in my shoes. When was the last time she was followed around a department store because of her color? Or pulled over in her car because it was an expensive vehicle? Anyone remember Jonny Gammage? Why call the protesters thugs? That sounds a little racist to me. Do we not have the right to protest without being called thugs?

I do agree that we should try to eliminate black-on-black crime, but I prefer to eliminate crime altogether (good luck with that). Wake up and see the light.

Penn Hills



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