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Why does the Post-Gazette not publish regularly, maybe once a week, the voting records of Pennsylvania's representatives in Washington? When I lived near St. Louis, the Post-Dispatch did this for the elected officials who represented Missouri in the nation's capital. True, an enterprising citizen can find this information in the digital age, but it would be a helpful public service if the newspaper provided this information.

How many know the voting records of our senators, let alone our representatives, on important issues? Did you know that Sen. Pat Toomey is among the most obstructionist senators in Washington, and he has done his part to make the Senate dysfunctional so it can undermine anything President Barack Obama tries to do?

Mr. Toomey is partly responsible for the fact that many vital federal positions have been vacant. Besides filibustering most of Mr. Obama's judicial appointments and the man nominated to head the new consumer protection agency for the last two years (Richard Cordray), Mr. Toomey has recently filibustered three more presidential nominees and voted against the bipartisan immigration bill and against keeping student loan rates down.

Whether you agree with Mr. Toomey or not, you should accurately know what his voting record is. The Post-Gazette could help with this.

North Strabane



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