Anti-fracking voices

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Many Pennsylvanians recently viewed the film "Gasland Part II," and I believe it's high time that the media start paying more attention to the film as well as to the concerns of average citizens.

As residents of Pennsylvania, we are treated to a constant barrage of gas industry advertisements, which promise safe drilling practices and extraordinary economic benefits on their behalf. Meanwhile, gas company executives sit on "green" advisory boards and act as liaisons to our local representatives. On the other hand, events like the Downtown premiere of "Gasland Part II," which attracted more than 1,500 people and was one of the biggest environmental events in Pittsburgh's' history and should have received front-page coverage, went relatively unnoticed by our local media and government.

Despite what many energy corporations would have you believe, the vast majority of airtime and publications regarding fracking are filled with pro-industry rhetoric and leave little room for the voices of those truly affected by fracking. Our media sources tend to focus on industry-funded studies and comments from those who benefit from the practice.

I strongly encourage Pennsylvania residents and representatives to create a more open, substantive debate, and I hope the media will allocate fair time for the arguments of both the industry and independent observers.

Mt. Lebanon

The writer is an intern with Penn-Environment.



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