We support Kane's decision regarding Pa.'s marriage laws

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We would like to voice our support and gratitude for state Attorney General Kathleen Kane's considered decision not to defend Pennsylvania's ban on same-sex marriage. We presume she does so not only out of personal distaste for the law (a distaste we obviously share) but also on some or all of the following grounds:

First, that she doubts the law is constitutional, given recent court rulings, and wishes to save our state the expense and embarrassment of defending the indefensible.

Second, that her staff is already fully committed to punishing actual crimes against actual victims, and that pulling people off these duties to defend against theoretical and victimless crimes is a bad use of her limited personnel and budget.

Third, that divorce statistics undermine the odd assertion that conventional marriages are somehow "weaker" in states that allow same-sex marriage, giving Ms. Kane reason to conclude that, in practical terms, neither the law itself nor a defense of the law is "to the benefit of our commonwealth."

And finally, that the keystone of Ms. Kane's duty is to protect the equality, under law, of every member of our commonwealth.

Point Breeze
The writer is co-corresponding secretary of the Gertrude Stein Political Club of Greater Pittsburgh. This letter also was signed by club president Audrey Glickman and members Mary S. Robison, Jon Robison, Harriet Stein and Bill Wekselman.



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