Stymied legislation for vital transportation bills in Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania's Transportation Secretary Barry Schoch's article "Transportation: Bigger Than Politics" (July 14 Forum) reminds me of the Shakespeare quote, "The fault lies not in the stars but in ourselves." In this case it is the direct fault of the Republican administration and the Republican leadership of both the House and Senate in Pennsylvania that we don't have any meaningful funding in place for roads, bridges and mass transit.

Somehow the secretary lays total blame for the failure to pass any transportation legislation on the state store union members! And later in his article he warns the Port Authority bus drivers that their contract will be "null and void" unless something is passed in the fall legislative session. So, instead of contributing any constructive dialog to the issues, he just resorts to union bashing and threats to get his administration's point across. In his defense, though, it is the very nature of this administration to function this way, blaming the union workers instead of the administration's own ineptness to pass any important bills, even with a majority in both houses.

These Republican leaders can just blame themselves as they are stymied by their own misguided ideology on three vital bills they want: They want to pass a transportation bill and further undermine union mass transit workers. They want to pass a liquor privatization bill and destroy the workers' union. They want to pass a pension reform bill and undermine the retirement benefits of present and future state union employees.

Shakespeare got these guys right!

North Versailles



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