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Some UPMC patients might perhaps be annoyed or made ill from "secondhand smoke" mentioned in various venues. Some might be upset by hospital personnel "smelling of smoke," something that has also been mentioned in regard to UPMC's new nonsmoking policy, which will include employees' break time.

The foregoing having been said, how many UPMC patients suffer the worse fates of death or serious injury from "medical misadventure," as it is politely described?

The medical school at Harvard University has mentioned the fact that nationwide, there are significantly north of 100,000 deaths and injuries attributed to "medical misadventure" annually. Seems to us that UPMC might concern itself more with its share of this misadventure and pay less attention to whatever it might be that its employees do on their breaks, providing, of course, that no laws are broken.

Neither of us is a smoker.




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