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Pittsburgh is quite fortunate to have a local newspaper with the courage and independence to present the superb and hard-hitting editorial cartoons of Rob Rogers and Tom Tomorrow ("This Modern World"). I was particularly struck by Rob Rogers' July 4 cartoon about National Security Agency snooping and the Tom Tomorrow cartoon about TV news (July 13).

In this modern world, "TV news" has become an oxymoron. National networks such as CNN, Fox News, NBC, CBS and ABC have ceased even to sustain the pretense that they're practicing journalism. The American public today receives nothing more than a steady diet of sensationalism and corporate propaganda.

Thus, the news stories having the greatest impact on our society either are ignored or presented as political battles conforming to the familiar conservative/liberal dichotomy. At the same time, TV and Internet news increasingly is cluttered with salacious drivel that adds nothing to the public's understanding.

But the contemporary media's preference for the easy path of "infotainment" versus the tough road of investigative journalism creates a vital niche for the thought-provoking musings of editorial cartoonists. I can always count on the PG editorial page to make me proud that I live in a city with a progressive tradition.

Jefferson Hills



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