For corporate farms

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Let's not kid ourselves: The food stamp program not only helps those most in need but is also a big subsidy to every supermarket, food processor, farmer and all the middlemen who deliver the food. Remember that food stamps are spent, for the most part, on food -- food purchased in American grocery stores supplied by American suppliers.

In the Republican-sponsored version of the farm bill, the Republican majority cuts the food stamp program, but on the other hand ups the ante on subsidies directly paid to the biggest food producers in the country.

Get it! They realize that cutting the food stamp program would mean money out of the food producers' pockets; therefore they subsidize those losses with direct reimbursements.

The poor get screwed and the corporations get paid for any losses.

And as for U.S. Rep. Dan Benishek asking for more scientific and economic analyses regarding impacts our corporate farmers may feel because we the people demand safer and cleaner food products, well, Rep. Benishek, it doesn't take a genius to know that eating contaminated food is bad and makes people so sick that the best case scenario, economically, is they die immediately. But for the most part they end up spending days in the hospital and weeks in recovery, losing work and spending tens of thousands in medical costs.




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