How many lives?

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It is obvious that 31,000 lives lost and many more ruined each year are not yet a high enough price to pay in order to reduce the level of gun violence in our nation. Our leaders are still too afraid of the gun lobby to take any effective action to stop the continuing tragedies. At a recent panel on the subject, Sen. Pat Toomey's representative referred to the senator's "courage" in sponsoring legislation for stronger registration of weapons. However, it seems that the senator's efforts were more to give himself some appearance of caring about the victims, rather than on behalf of actually getting the bill passed.

In spite of popular support for more control, Mr. Toomey failed to fight hard for the bill and let it die, and now ... nothing. The senator's representative refused to answer questions about any further action our "courageous" leader might take to actually reduce the nation's epidemic of gun-related death and devastation.

So, I ask all our representatives, how many lives will it cost for them to take action? Fifty-thousand deaths plus the life-destroying wounds and losses of hundred of thousands of others? An entire school of children killed instead of just one class full? Or should it just be that the tragedy occur closer to home, as was shown by the quick action of the Connecticut Legislature in strengthening gun control in that state? This is the answer I would like to hear from brave Sen. Toomey.

Mt. Lebanon



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