Giving arms to Syrian rebels resolves nothing

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Dan Simpson in his column "More Folly in Syria" (June 19) clearly stated what should be obvious to anyone who has paid attention to the outcome of America's interventionist policies in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other nations: Providing arms and training to lawless nations does not and cannot bring about law and order. While we may have used our military might to bring about regime change, it has rarely resulted in peace and prosperity. All we have succeeded in doing is fueling hatred of America and Americans.

A Christian Syrian friend put it this way: Most of the so-called Syrian "rebels" are no friends of America. However much we may disagree with Bashar Assad's treatment of Syrians, removing him will not make things better for the majority of Syrians.

Worse still, it will make life worse for Americans. The billions in arms and training given to Iraqis and Afghanis and the billions in military aid given to Pakistan have given those wishing to harm us the tools and skills to do so more effectively. Spending billions of dollars on military intervention and sacrificing the lives of thousands of men, women and children have not helped forge a safer Middle East.

Fighting between Shias and Sunnis will not stop because we say so. Greed, corruption and ethnic hatred cannot be stamped out by military might. Throwing money at a problem will never solve it. We Americans cannot, and should not, make decisions that will impact the lives of millions of citizens of another nation.

Instead, President Obama, let's focus on keeping guns off the street, our kids in school and our borders secure. Let's repair our roads and bridges and make college more affordable. Let's put an end to partisan politics. Future Americans will applaud you.




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