Pension shenanigans

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I do not feel that your article "Pa. Pension Overhaul Advances" (June 20) does enough to examine the real motives of the plan. First, why are police and prison guards exempt from the "overhaul"? The reason is that they are political allies of the governor and regularly endorse and vote for Republican candidates. Is it logical that thousands of new teachers, government office workers and other state employees should give up pensions so that these groups can get a "sound" pension fund as political patronage?

Why is the governor in such a hurry to privatize our pensions? Answer: His millionaire friends are simply salivating at the chance to put billions of dollars into their 401(k) and 403(b) programs. Then they can mismanage it, squander it and outright steal it. Do recent events on Wall Street and in these types of retirement programs ring a bell with anyone?

Your paper needs to closely examine these motivations when they talk about "overhauling" what generations of hard-working state employees have established to get them through their retirement years.


The writer is a teacher.



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