City bike lanes

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This is another letter about biking on the streets of Pittsburgh. While I appreciate that someone riding his bicycle to work instead of driving a car benefits us all by reducing air pollution, I don't know who thought it was a good idea to make bike lanes on a narrow street such as Ellsworth Avenue in Shadyside.

The white bicycle decals on the street surface are directly down the middle of each lane of the two-way street. In order to pass a cyclist, I must drive over the solid line in the middle of the street into the opposite traffic lane. I do not mind doing that maneuver once, but because most cyclists do not stop at red lights or stop signs, I must repeatedly pass the same cyclist until the avenue ends in Oakland.

Recently, I passed a biker several times who had a sign on the back of his bicycle reminding me that "cars must pass 4 feet to [the] left, as that is the law." I wanted to stop and remind him that it was also the law that he stop at stop signs and red lights, but thought better of it. I keep in mind that I don't know who might get angry with confrontation and perhaps pull out a gun.




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