Don't forfeit liberty

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We are a free people. Our Founding Fathers sacrificed greatly to create a country that lived by the ideals of liberty and freedom. Since then, thousands have sacrificed their lives to uphold these ideals and to defend them. We bask in the liberty and freedom they fought so hard to secure.

Sadly, these ideals are being infringed upon and eroded. In fear of terrorism this generation has abandoned our values, forfeited our liberty and cowered in the corner. Under duress, we lost sight of our glorious inheritance and exchanged it for a greater sense of security.

On June 6, we awoke to learn we had been duped. Behind our backs our government had seized our records, without warrant, and had been spying on all of us. All of us became suspects and we could sense something had been stolen from us. We felt exposed and naive because something we loved and admired about our country had been stripped away.

Let us not forget the sacrifices made to secure and defend liberty for us. Let us not become complacent with the freedoms entrusted to us. Rather, let us pick up their banner and fight to defend them that they may live for generations to come.

Let us demand that the government -- all branches, all departments, under all circumstances -- adhere to our Fourth Amendment rights against warrantless search and seizure.

Let us stand up to the terrorists by showing them we will not forfeit our liberty. We will not allow them to change who we are!




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