Cyclists have as much right to the roads as motorists

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I have been riding a bicycle on area roads for more that 50 years. Letters like the one from Cheryl Szymanski are dismaying ("Cyclists and Roads," June 11). She said that because cyclists don't pay they have no right to be on the road.

When I ride instead of driving, I reduce pollution and wear to the pavement, and I reduce the risk to drivers like Ms. Szymanski. Any collision between a car and a bicycle poses almost no risk to the driver and great risk to the cyclist. I am licensed to drive any vehicle lighter than 26,000 pounds. When I cycle, like many other cyclists, I am insured by my homeowners policy. My wife and I each own a car on which we pay the required fees and taxes. Also any shoes or clothing that I buy to ride a bicycle is subject to sales tax, while all other clothing is not.

Any licensed driver who has taken the trouble to be informed knows that bicyclists have the legal right to travel on all Pennsylvania roads except limited access highways. Over the years I have been run off the road, cursed at, spit upon and threatened by people who think I have no right to ride.




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