Bill Peduto has not been elected mayor

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This week, Bill Peduto reminded us that he is not the mayor of Pittsburgh. Like me, he is just a candidate for the position and, over the months leading up to the November general election, he and I will campaign for the job. If you read a newspaper, watch the local news channels or have a conversation with our County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, you would probably think Mr. Peduto already won.

Pittsburgh has a long history of electing Democratic mayors -- continually since 1934, in fact. But that doesn't mean the citizens of Pittsburgh lose the chance to exercise their right to vote. This simple message is lost on some of our local officials. Rich Fitzgerald will tell anyone who will listen that Bill Peduto is the "new mayor." Just last week, Mr. Fitzgerald said the "new mayor" should be weighing in on decisions currently being made for Pittsburgh. Not the candidates for mayor, just Bill Peduto.

The other day, I was one of a group to have lunch with Mayor Luke Ravenstahl. Darlene Harris, our city council president, was my guest at the luncheon. That was the first time she spoke to Mayor Ravenstahl in several months and I thought it a necessary first step to begin a functioning city government. City Council President Harris and I were interviewed, but the Republican nominee for mayor inviting the city council president to talk with the mayor for the first time in months went unmentioned by the media.

Do not misunderstand me; I have known from day one that running as a Republican for mayor of Pittsburgh would be an uphill battle. I am not complaining about a lack of coverage of my campaign. I am complaining that the media and some city officials have decided the people of Pittsburgh do not deserve to participate in deciding who the next mayor of our city will be. It seems they have decided for you, Pittsburgh.

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