Demeaning letter

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As I read Nick Liberto's June 10 letter ("Mixing the Sexes in the Military Was a Recipe for Misconduct"), I felt horrified. Horrified that a person exists who openly implies that rape is a natural action for a young man and horrified that the Post-Gazette chose to publish his misogynistic remarks. It is demeaning to the brave men serving in the military to assume they do not have the necessary self-control to refrain from sexually assaulting their female counterparts. Actually, it is insulting to all men to think that all of them have the "natural drive" to be rapists under the right circumstances.

Comparing male-female relationships to predator-prey ones displays an appalling lack of respect for both genders, denying women their agency and men their humanity. I am disappointed that the Post-Gazette found this viewpoint worthy of publication.




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