Stop blaming Gov. Corbett for education expense cuts

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As the mother of two school-aged children and the daughter of two retired educators, I read with great interest "Survey: Schools in Pa. Still Cutting Expenses" (June 6). I was disheartened after reading only as far as paragraph two. I have become weary of the message that Gov. Tom Corbett cut education funding.

When the cuts occurred, I took the time to research this very important issue, so I already knew, as the article states, "The funding cut was caused by the loss of federal stimulus money." Finally, I thought, the truth about the source of Pennsylvania's overall cuts. The commonwealth of Pennsylvania (i.e., the Corbett administration) did not cut education funding. The federal government did when it did not renew grants. (Pennsylvania's education budget actually increased!) I have seen countless reports about "Corbett's education cuts," and they always baffle me!

My relief was short-lived, however, because in the next sentence, Gov. Corbett was again blamed. According to the article, he "chose not to replace the federal money with state funds." I am wondering why this blame was not assigned to President Barack Obama or Congress? I am sure that the federal grants were not renewed for the same reason Gov. Corbett did not replace the federal money with state funds. The money is not there!

I am quite certain that neither Mr. Obama nor Mr. Corbett nor Congress wants to harm our children or put their education at risk. When I did the research on this issue, I learned that in order to make up for the lost grant money, Pennsylvania would have to assess every family of four approximately $1,000.

So, please, stop blaming Gov. Corbett. It's not his fault. It's not Mr. Obama's fault. It's no one's fault. Times are tough. Money is tight. Let's try to find solutions and stop misrepresenting the facts.




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