Spying delusions

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The news media and various political opportunists have senselessly caused a virtual firestorm of public outrage by claiming that our "government" wants to blindly pry into your personal phone and Internet records. I would be outraged if my phone and Internet records were being scrutinized, but not for fear of the government finding something; only that it was so stupid and inept to fruitlessly waste its time and effort on me.

The need to search out those who would harm our nation is critical in this day and age, but this current quasi-moral public clambering can only make these efforts nearly impossible.

I say that because the apparent goal to satisfy these new fears is to somehow absolutely assure that the huge majority and harmless portion of the public (some 99,999 out of 100,000) will never have an agent check on their personal phone or Internet records. Are these morons suggesting that we create a massive, national "do-not-touch" database of all of us who are the "good" guys that must be checked at all times prior to any investigation?

I'm certain that government intelligence detective efforts to find terrorists are difficult enough without tying the government's hands with senseless and impossible restraints.

West Mifflin



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