Dailey was wrong

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I was visiting my grandson and missed the Memorial Day opinion piece Ruth Ann Daily wrote, so I had to search for it after finding the June 4 letter "Memorial Day Should Be About Helping Veterans" by Mary Ellen Fritz. After carefully reading both, I have to admit I feel even more strongly that Ms. Dailey has it wrong.

I nearly bumped into a uniformed officer in the Atlanta airport some years ago and ended up in a long conversation about commitment and duty. He was my age (Medicare-card variety), having entered the Army in the turbulent 60s. He had served four tours during our decade of wars. His commitment was to the rule of law, to the flag that signifies both the social order and the legality of our country and to honor.

We talked about the war he was on the way to fight and he admitted that many in the military did not agree with the task before them, but they were damned determined to do their duty. In his closing to me he said, "You pay me to do no less and that is what I will honor."

Ms. Dailey over-reaches regularly, but this piece was ill-timed and in poor taste, and characteristically overstated.




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