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So let me get this straight.

A child falls to his tragic death at the Pittsburgh zoo. Everyone is incredibly saddened by the event.

No charges of child endangerment are filed; no responsibility is admitted on the part of the parents. On the contrary, the rest of the zoo-going public is deprived of an excellent exhibit of the African painted dogs due to one mother's careless behavior.

Finally, after a "cooling off" period, the parents retain an out-of-town lawyer to sue the zoo, further denying any responsibility for the act that caused a precious 2-year-old's untimely death.

Those who mention how outraged they are by the lawsuit are accused of being "insensitive" to the Derkosh family.


There was a time, not too long ago -- before people spilled hot coffee on themselves and decided to sue the restaurant instead of holding themselves responsible for their own carelessness -- when people actually took responsibility for their actions.

So from this point forward, when someone makes a bad decision, is the rest of society to be punished for the actions of one? Where does it end?

I'm sure in the name of justice and fairness, the Derkoshes will be donating 100 percent of any money awarded to their favorite charity, and not personally benefiting from the award, right?

I urge the people of Pittsburgh to donate to the Pittsburgh zoo to help defray the legal costs it will incur.

Bethel Park



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