'Jessie' overreaction

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My 12-year-old daughter and I both read and discussed the articles about the episode of "Jessie" on Disney and celiac disease ("Mom: Disney Show 'Jessie' Ridicules Kids With Celiac Disease," May 20, and "Disney Removes Episode of 'Jessie,' " May 21). Although I would probably identify myself as a helicopter mom, I felt a twinge of overreaction by Amy Raslevich.

I always tell my kids: Every person in this world has a hardship to deal with, whether it is weight, health, family issues or sexual identity. The world we live in today is very egocentric and people think every injustice against them should be posted for the world to see. Of course Disney pulled the episode -- that's the politically correct thing to do. As anyone who has watched "Jessie" would understand, I have a hard time picturing anyone crying or clenching a fist over it. This is not quality TV.

I was a latchkey kid in the '70s in the fourth grade and the only one in my class with an inhaler. Did I classify myself as an asthmatic? No way! It's always good to be kind and considerate, but we are setting our children up for a lifetime of unhappiness when we don't allow them to grow up. If I was watching a show that was upsetting me, my mother would have told me to shut it off and go outside.

Ironically, on the same page May 21 was Meghan Wilson, M.D. and Ph.D. and also a quadriplegic, who made her mother live an hour away so she could be a stronger person. Go figure!

North Fayette



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