All Midwest homes and schools need safe rooms

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Each time I hear the TV news reports of the disastrous after-effects of tornado touchdowns in the Midwest, I think back to August 1979 when two of my Pinjarra, Western Australia, friends paid me a visit just after my wife and I purchased a townhouse in a Pittsburgh suburb. The development was about 75 percent complete and daily construction was underway.

Each day while I was at work these two carpenter tradesmen wandered around the development and observed the construction methods. They were flabbergasted as they observed the shoddy construction, and they expressed concern in the evenings over drinks. They emphasized that in Australia no one would be allowed to move into a house constructed so poorly. I would take another sip of my drink and say, "That is the way things are in this greatest country in the world."

Jokes aside, as I think about it, I can't believe that officials in the Midwest allow schools to be constructed with no safe rooms. In fact, the whole school should be a safe room. And each house owner should be compelled to have a safe room. Mobile homes should never be allowed.

Now that I have had my say, let the officials get back to counting the bodies of dead children.




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