A duty to respond

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In response to Richard Connerney's letter ("Zubik Overreacted," May 13), we can only agree to disagree with Mr. Connerney. Yes, we as Catholics have been sustained in our faith despite early persecutions and current ridicule. For Bishop David Zubik to sit back and be nonreactionary would have been a mistake of omission. The head of our diocese needed to respond as he did.

What infuriated me is how Carnegie Mellon University hid behind the secular curtain. Feeling that an indecent exposure decision was the end of things, CMU showed its lack of compassion for millions of Catholics. Had the young artist been portraying as her "art piece" a half-naked rabbi, Hispanic or Asian, I'm sure the apologies to those communities would have been dripping from the CMU administration.

Many organizations seem to bend over backward when a lack of political, ethnic or religious correctness rears its ugly head in their direction. Yet many Catholics get more than annoyed at how we seem to get brushed off when apologies are due.

Forest Hills



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