The legislative redistricting maps are still messy

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As a volunteer with businesses and the community in Brookline (19th Ward), I believe that the legislative district maps need to be revised again, but with common sense ("Region to Lose Seat Apiece in House, Senate," May 8).

The state Supreme Court's decision to uphold the 2012 redistricting maps is disappointing. These maps split our community in three sections. When working on a project in our community we will have to visit three representatives, and they must all agree. This will take time and money, and it causes confusion and more trouble than necessary. The Supreme Court's decision leaves us with a mess.

The current map does neither our representatives nor us any justice. Is this political? Maybe! These maps divide our communities and weaken our voices. We understand that population shifts require redistricting for fair representation. We also understand that fair representation means keeping communities together. We the people need to have a bigger say in redistricting when no one seems to know how to map the redistricting correctly.

It is never too late to make corrections on a poor decision. We must all speak up and take a stand in correcting the errors made on these maps and unite our community as one.




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