PG, please get my stance on taxes straight

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Once again, my positions have been misconstrued when being interviewed as a candidate.

In the Post-Gazette endorsement of my opponent ("Two for the GOP: Baker and Kress Rate County Council Nominations," May 14), the editorial said, "Mr. Drozd voted against two new revenue sources meant to ease the property tax burden: the alcoholic drink tax and the $2-a-day tax on car rentals."

Your paper truly knows that this is not accurate. These taxes are cast in law to bail out the Port Authority. I, like many of my constituents, are adamantly opposed to invoking new or raising existing taxes, particularly using hard-earned taxpayer dollars to bail out the Port Authority. As proof of my stance, please check the record where I have supported and presented initiatives to council that would actually reduce taxes.

This is why I strongly support earmarking the natural gas in our county parks to maintain and repair the parks and to reduce the tax burden on the people of Allegheny County. In Alaska, the residents receive a check for their minerals.

I believe the Post-Gazette is a good newspaper, but I definitely think that it is time for it to report my positions more accurately. I sincerely thank you for your willingness to set the record straight!

Allegheny County Councilman
District 1



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