Incivility was on display in CMU episode

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Carnegie Mellon University president Jared Cohon played the part of Solomon by confirming the filing of misdemeanor charges against the student who ridiculed the pope and by association, Roman Catholics ("CMU Files Indecent Exposure Charges Against 2," May 11). No further action will be taken. The reaction from progressives is astounding.

This may be challenged in court. A CMU student interviewed on KDKA radio said this could be overturned because being naked as a form of protest was upheld in previous rulings. Using that logic, I can show my junk while protesting climate change. But would I receive the same support of academics and progressives if I were protesting illegal immigration?

Was this edgy? As edgy as a balloon. If an art student really wanted to be edgy, please dress like an imam from the waist up and shave your pubic hair to resemble Muhammad. I wonder if President Cohon would have acted the same way. I think it is safe to say more reprimands would have occurred, in the name of tolerance. Why? One name comes to mind: Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard.

As a Roman Catholic, I was offended for, oh, about a nano-second. Christians have been mocked from Christianity's inception. This is nothing new. The question is not one of tolerance or respect or legality. It is a question of civility, or acceptance of its absence.

Bishop David Zubik's response was appropriate and measured. Although he may not have tried to make a point, one was made. Can't we all be just a little less caustic and more respectful of each other?

Bethel Park



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