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With regard to letter writer T. Michael Brown's accusation of candidate Dan Miller's "grandstanding" as he runs for state representative in the 42nd District ("Political Boasting," May 11), please consider what being a volunteer firefighter reveals about a candidate.

Participation in any community organization shows that a candidate is truly vested in his community and that he is willing to give his time to work for the area that he hopes to represent. Specifically, serving as a volunteer firefighter, which requires many uncompensated hours, tells me, the voter, that this person is ready to commit to a better district, even at the cost of his own time and in this case perhaps his own safety.

As a voter, I want to know how a candidate serves his or her neighbors. I have noted with interest on each mailing that has come to my house what it is that shows me that a person who wants to represent me is going to do so because he cares about this area, not because he wants to advance his own standing. The facts of Mr. Miller's life as revealed through these mailings paint a picture of a man educated in public schools, committed to education and rooted in his community through his work as a volunteer firefighter.

Political grandstanding? Hardly! An accomplishment to be proud of? Definitely!

Mt. Lebanon



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