Issue One: Pope parody

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Morally bankrupt

Are you kidding me? A letter writer actually defended the twit who mocked the Catholic faith and broke the law with her public nudity in a parody of the pope in a Carnegie Mellon University student parade. Try pulling that kind of caper and degrade the Muslim religion and see what kind of reaction you get.

CMU is a fine institution, but it is beyond my comprehension how the College of Fine Arts could not know of this person's intentions before the school publicly paraded its students. The disturbing thing is how people react to such behavior. I read that some students thought it was funny.

We are becoming increasingly morally bankrupt. We have a right to our opinions but we have no right to offend others because of what we think.

The Catholic Church is criticized for being behind the times. A dominant feature of the church is its durability for centuries because it has remained true to its founding principles. You do not modernize morality.

Upper St. Clair

What if ...

There is an old saying "it all depends upon whose ox is being gored." If the CMU student had mocked Martin Luther King Jr. there would have been accusations of racism and objections from sea to sea. If it had been Muhammad or the Quran there would have been riots and mayhem from one end of the Earth to the other.

Why then is it so all right, in the name of "freedom of expression," to disrespect Christianity, Catholicism and the tenets of that faith? Is there no such thing as religious prejudice? There needs to be some careful thought here and some valid conclusions.


Harmless 'fun'?

Certain European countries have laws that I have always felt were unnecessary in the United States, such as protecting religions from ridicule in public. Under those laws, the recent "art" demo by the CMU student would have resulted in her arrest.

I emphatically state that this type of law is unconstitutional here, and there is no law that can enforce good taste. But what happens if a group of Catholic school boys dress in prayer shawls and yarmulkes and walk around Oakland handing out strips of bacon? Or we get other students dressed as Arabs openly drinking alcohol or some such other "fun" being made at the expense of religion? Would that be ignored as harmless "fun" or would there be more hell to pay than this young lady has due?

Is the Catholic Church the only one to be defamed in such a scurrilous manner?




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