Electing Peduto as mayor is what's best for the city

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I can't believe you would ignore all of Councilman Bill Peduto's efforts to improve our city and secure its long-term prosperity ("Wagner for Mayor," May 5 editorial). More unbelievable are the reasons you give for endorsing Jack Wagner. Does the paper have the city's best interests at heart? Were you trying to prove Luke Ravenstahl wrong? I have to wonder.

Countless times your paper has suggested that a strong working relationship between the county and city is crucial. Yet, you knock Mr. Peduto for having a good relationship with Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald.

Then, like the swift boat-style ad, you suggest that Mr. Peduto will care only about his neighborhood when elected mayor. Since when is doing your job well a negative? Mr. Peduto takes care of his constituents and works to improve the entire city.

Over the years, Bill Peduto has confronted those who have tried to push their personal agenda through at the city's expense. If the fact that he stands up for the city's best interests makes him difficult to get along with, maybe we need to elect some new people to work with him.

Lastly, who buys your full-page ads? Mr. Wagner is much more frack-friendly than Mr. Peduto. Is this the real reason for your endorsement? Does revenue matter more than integrity?

Those who understand that Pittsburgh needs new leadership and fresh ideas are solidly behind Mr. Peduto. His supporters value his dedication and vision. A vote for Bill Peduto on May 21 is a vote for a better Pittsburgh.

Point Breeze



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