May all who serve alcohol learn from this case

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Regarding "South Side Brewpub Settles in Deadly DUI Case" (May 8): Finally, the family of a victim of a drunken driver has successfully sued the establishment responsible for allowing this man to become drunk. Hofbrauhaus staff continued to serve a man alcohol until he vomited on a table, then allowed him to leave on his own.

As a trauma nurse for many years, I have seen the incredible damage done by drunken drivers and often wondered why the bars and restaurants who over-serve alcohol to customers were not held more accountable. In addition to a financial settlement, Hofbrauhaus agreed to make changes in its protocol to reduce customer intoxication and therefore drunken driving. Too late for the Cleland family but maybe other families will be spared the same heartache.

A customer should never be allowed to become "drunk" under any circumstances. Maybe after this suit (which included a very large settlement of $15.6 million), businesses that serve alcohol will take their responsibility more seriously. Let's hope so.

Highland Park



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