Marathon trap

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Pittsburgh's marathon is a time-honored celebration of the strength of the human body and mind, and especially this year, it was a tribute to our nation's resilience in the wake of the tragedy in Boston. Unfortunately, the organizers apparently disregarded the many Pittsburgh residents who were not involved with the marathon.

If you look at a map of the marathon course, which was properly cordoned off by barriers and guards, you'll see that it formed an impenetrable barrier around a large portion of the city. Some of the folks stuck inside the marathon loop may have been attempting to visit sick relatives, starting urgent trips out of the city or, as many people must, trying to get to work on a Sunday. Anyone trying to get from inside the route's loop to outside of it this past Sunday morning was simply out of luck.

I have two suggestions for next year. First, for the sake of those who were trapped on one side of the barriers, please change the route so motorists can get in and out. Second, once you've come up with options for people driving cars on marathon day, advertise them in advance on the website or in newspapers and on race day through signage and the extremely pleasant gentlemen guarding the barriers.

These two changes will provide a lot of relief to Pittsburgh citizens who are going about their day-to-day lives on the morning of the marathon, and I know that they will thank you for it.

Point Breeze



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