Wrong on Wagner

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The Post Gazette's endorsement of Jack Wagner ("Wagner for Mayor" May 5) is riddled with hypocrisy in its criticism of Bill Peduto. Mr. Peduto was elected to city council to represent a particular district and now is portrayed as unfairly "favoring" it. And on what basis can Mr. Wagner be lauded for "contemplating" a run for mayor long after Mr. Peduto was actually running?

Mr. Wagner is clearly the favorite of Luke Ravenstahl supporters and he will owe much to them, not to mention to the city firefighters and police, which is more important than anything Mr. Peduto might owe to Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald.

Mr. Wagner is described as somehow demonstrating more "independence" because he worked in Harrisburg, yet surely the PG knows that Mr. Peduto's more recent fund-raising events have been well-attended by Harrisburg politicians. Mr. Peduto is staunchly supported by Pittsburghers for all of the things this endorsement leaves out -- his wise actions as a city council member, his willingness to stand up to the mayor when necessary and his worldly view of Pittsburgh's future.

Mr. Peduto represents modern ideas and a rejection of the hidebound, "good old boy" politics that keep Pittsburgh in the dark ages.

Squirrel Hill



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