Faux Democrats

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Regarding the April 28 "Cutting Edge" item No Loyalty in Pakistan," which highlighted Pakistan's Arbab Khizer Hayat's propensity to switch parties based on polls, a similar duplicity runs through our own local Western Pennsylvanian politicians. It appears that, like Pakistan, politics here is not about ideas but about power.

The majority of Dormont residents are Democrats, so if you register as a Democrat, you have a better chance of, as Abraham Lincoln said, "fooling all of the people some of the time." In Dormont, we have a complete slate of true Democrats, many being people who volunteered on the Obama campaign. We also have a group running for mayor and council, the majority of whom are DINOs (Democrat in Name Only), who switched to run as Democrats in the primary or who are Democrats who donated to Gov. Tom Corbett and the Tea Party. One woman, a Republican as long as I have known her, even posted disparaging remarks, remarks which questioned Barack Obama's birthplace, on her Facebook page!

I sincerely hope the majority of Democrats will see through this charade and not vote for these opportunists. Here's an easy way to spot them. They are not endorsed by the Democratic committee, and they do not even list that they are Democrats on their campaign signs or literature.

The writer is a member of the Dormont Democratic Committee.



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