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I am reading the letter from the media director of the Beaver County Young Republicans in the May 1 edition ("Bringing Pa. Jobs") and I cannot believe what I'm reading. Jeremy Lese states that Gov. Tom Corbett is one of the best governors in the country when it comes to job creation. According to some, Pennsylvania currently ranks 49th in the country for new job growth, down from seventh under Gov. Ed Rendell.

Mr. Lese writes about all the jobs that the cracker plant may create in the Beaver County area but neglects to mention all the tax abatements Gov. Corbett has offered to Royal Dutch Shell. The county, townships and school districts involved will bear the brunt of the expenses that such an operation will create. He neglects to mention that local control over fracking and other types of drilling has been removed and placed in the hands of the state Department of Environmental Protection, which until recently was headed by someone with ties to the drilling industry. He also neglects the fact that this governor, without sufficient input from the Legislature, tried to sell our lucrative lottery to a foreign firm, which would cost many more jobs.

Gov. Corbett has tried to put public money into private companies' hands with everything he has proposed during his term. I think Pennsylvania can do much better than this and Pennsylvania's tradition of giving governors two terms should not continue. After the next gubernatorial election, he will be known as "One-Term Tom."




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