A CMU student deserves rebuke for her parody

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I recently sent an e-mail to Carnegie Mellon University President Jared L. Cohon letting him know how disappointed and offended I was upon reading and hearing of one of his students' actions during the school's annual College of Fine Arts parade ("Diocese Protests 'Disrespect' At CMU Parade" May 1). There, one of CMU's female students openly distributed condoms while dressed from the waist up as the pope; from the waist down she was naked.

I hope CMU publicly admonishes this kind of student behavior. No hiding behind the politically correct "freedom of expression" -- not this time. There are other words to describe this kind of small-minded behavior. Try bigotry, intolerance, prejudice -- take your pick. I suggested that CMU consider adding diversity and sensitivity training as a 100-level course requirement and that no student graduate without attending and passing (with aces, of course). I also conveyed my expectation that a public apology be given to Bishop David Zubik and the members of the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh by the student in question, or at the very least, by school administration. How sad it would be that a student graduate from such a prestigious university while failing to learn that one is accountable for one's actions as well as the consequences that result from them.

Shame on the administrative leaders of CMU if they stand idly by.

Last but certainly not least, three cheers for Bishop Zubik for his display of authentic leadership, in standing up and calling out this kind of behavior for what it truly is!




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