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Once again we have had, courtesy of the Post-Gazette, an in-depth look at the issue of teaching evolution theory in public schools ("Is Evolution Missing Link in Some High Schools?," April 28). Yet with all the sound and fury generated by evolution theory, the secular-humanist cult scientists have quietly and perniciously been teaching gravitational theory in public schools as well, to nary a peep of protest.

Remember, please, that gravity is only a theory, which even the secular-humanist scientists freely admit to by referring to it as "The Theory of Gravity" or "Newton's Theory of Gravity." And as these atheistic scientists in the cult of gravitational physics admit, Sir Isaac Newton was a thoroughly nasty individual with a mean temper, which discredits his theory immediately.

It is time to stop brainwashing our impressionable children with this atheistic physics mumbo-jumbo about this made-up thing called "gravity" and at least give equal time to the good Godly concept of Intelligent Falling. Teach the controversy!




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