City council, lives are at stake in Zone 5

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Reading about city council's discussion of Councilman Ricky Burgess' proposal to install a gunshot detection and surveillance system in his district and whether to go through the competitive bidding process ("Spat Rises Over Gunshot Detection, Cameras," April 25) makes me sad, in part because it brought to mind discussions I held as a crisis manager within the U.S. Department of Defense. I realize I was luckier than Councilman Burgess: My colleagues recognized that American lives were at risk and did not aggressively question whether existing contractual arrangements permitted the use of highly specialized technical equipment for the mission. Rapid response teams were dispatched, usually in the middle of the night, with what they needed to do the job.

Now as I live comfortably and safely in the Pittsburgh suburbs, I read every day that lives are at risk in Homewood and Zone 5. I am writing to wish Councilman Burgess the best as he pursues this proposal. I am also writing to remind Councilman Bill Peduto that the job of Pittsburgh mayor requires someone who can lead, who can get things done, who will place the safety and security of the citizens as his first priority.

I am unable to vote in the Pittsburgh mayoral election, but I am able to contribute to a candidate who demonstrates his ability to lead and his willingness to protect and serve the citizenry. And while I write this, the lives of citizens in Homewood and Zone 5 are at risk.

Mt. Lebanon



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